Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Insane Thoughts Of A Decent Person

... Most of the interesting people i know don't know who they are    
...No human made system is perfect due to insufficiency of the human mind  
...There is no reason to be worrying about the end of the world, because we all going to face it at the end of our lives
...Only unconditional love could be the real one
...We all trying hard to achieve a perfection but only in our own personal way
...Human beauty is a combination of physical symmetry and personal choice
...The biggest problem of adult world is Infantilism
…If there is something what could save this world than it may only be the people of it
...The fourth dimension is the truth
...Intelligence coming through the pain
...Those who've got nothing think they need everything, those who've got everything don't think at all
...Not everybody is strong enough to face the symptoms
...Life is a road which you need to take... You can walk it all the way by yourself, but it will be long and heavy trip actually, mostly unfortunate one as well... You can also take the 'Bus' with 'all those' passengers, became one of them, share your things with them, learn from them... And when your time is come you will need to step out, wait a little for another 'Bus' and hit the road again, but in different direction ... And there is only one thing that could change it all for better, and that thing called 'Love'
...Any sort of depression is a good sign of brain malfunction
...They never were that educated to leave the slavery behind
...Alcohol is not an answer even if it's 'talking'
...Fashion is the ultimate language of visual expression
...To lie, to cheat, to steal and to pretend is much easier than to live
...Imperfect perfection (just a thought)
...Proud Kingdom of empty buckets (naturalistic observation)
...Sold art loses its value
...Money is a measure not a point
...If you feel any regrets about anything then you are loser
...Love is light, light is life, life is love
...Dutch disease - unjustified overvalue (book of basic knowledge)
...Things i don't like i like the most
...Knowledge changing consciousness
...Sarcasm is just an exercise in irrational logic
...Democracy is a 'free will' based chaos
...The only way to find the inner beauty is to understand the beauty of this world
...The second ride on that rollercoaster was for free (just a thought)
...If stupidity was painful (russian proverb)
...If something is bothering you, there is only two ways, kill it or adopt it (futurama)
...Emulation has it's limitation
...More I know less i believe
...It is never too late until its too late
...Ideal person is a very complex idea
...Nothing is more discouraging than a smile
...Math is science of limit
...It is not a problem to be stupid, until you realise it by yourself
...There is always too many Queens but only one crown
...Ignorance is a highest form of disrespect
...You can never have enough of what you don't need (naturalistic observation)
...In time of decline intelligence is the one to hide
...The biggest well known 'Sacred Nonsense' of the modern society is a covering up of own mistakes by making a new ones
...Land of 'Unscarred Idiots' (russian proverb)
...If you can't change the situation try to change your relation to it (naturalistic observation)
...If your think your journey is more important than destination you will probably end up in the wrong one
...Freedom equals loneliness

C.P. J.V.Brill 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 :) 

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